Friday, July 13, 2007

80's Jim and Jaena

I copied this photo from the Toevs' blog...we attended their party but didn't take any pictures, for some reason. It's crazy how long ago this "era" seems...must mean I'm getting old.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Amazing Race 2

This event happened in April (I think), but I never posted the photos. Our Sunday School class had it's second bi-annual (it was suppose to be annual but time got away from us) Amazing Race. It is loosely based on the reality series, but we find ourselves a bit limited since we have a $20 budget per team (including dinner for two) and we have under 4 hours to complete it (or the babysitting expenses make it cost prohibitive) so we have to stay in Grant County.

Despite all of this, it was a huge success and great fun both for those who participated and for those who planned/ran it. I would give more specific details and examples about what the race entailed, but there are blog readers who are considering doing our race in the fall so I will have to stop sharing information or they may have an unfair advantage.

My only shot of Shelli and Don and Lynn and Missy (hidden)

Rob and Tanna

Layne and Lori (honorary class members for the night)

Olivia and Jill: "We're number two!"

Jason and Deb, my co-conspirator and planner

Cory and Josh

Anon and Mr. Anon