Sunday, February 19, 2006

Hanging Out

Madelyn has a new way to relax...
just "hang out" on dad's arm and rest.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

A Baby Makeover

Did you ever notice how there are some things that only apply to babies? If a baby is around, the expectations of society are temporarily -- although completely -- put aside and a whole new set of values apply.

Take for instance, gaining weight...a typical makeover shows photos of a person "before" and "after," with the second photo
showing a (hopefully) smaller, sleeker version of the person in the first. Only in "Babyland" would a set of pictures like the ones at the left be applauded. Madelyn "before" at around 4 pounds, then "after" at over 5 and a half pounds. Just look at that those filled out cheeks and that bulging belly (ok, some of the roundness is bloating due to gas, but still...)!

We go to the hospital to get Madelyn weighed at least once a week; and it is not uncommon for us, as well as the nurses, to get really excited about the slightest increase in her weight. "Good job, Madelyn, you gained two ounces!" Where else would a person ever be applauded for gaining weight?

The same principles hold true for basic bodily functions. People are genuinely pleased when babies burp, pass gas or have a dirty diaper. Again, "Babyland" miraculously transforms these normally inappropriate actions into truly amazing feats for which a baby is praised and cuddled.

Babies (and by babies, I mean infants under 3 months old) are considered cute no matter what they do; and let's face it, we were all babies once who received the same preferential treatment. So, here's my advice to the babies (especially Madelyn): enjoy this time, take advantage of it, in fact. Because things eventually will change, and I can pretty much guarantee that these early years will be the only time in life when gaining a pound is positive experience.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Big Brother

Elisha said throughout the pregnancy,
when told he would be a big brother,
"I am a big brother!"

The Big Brother and Little Sister