Friday, February 23, 2007

Valentine's Part 2

Inspired by the cover cookies of the February issue of MSL, I - finally - baked my "other" Valentine's cookies. Of course, I actually did this about 2 weeks ago but never finished posting about it. I've been in an uninspired blogging drought. Maybe new energy and ideas will come with the new month...

Friday, February 16, 2007

Happy Valentine's Week

With the snow that has taken over our city - and state - the "regularly scheduled" events and plans of our Valentine's Week were superseded by weather. Here's an overview of our week-o-love.

Jim got me some gorgeous roses from Vice's (some wonderful local florists) He always get three red roses to symbolize the three words "I love you." Pretty cool...

I had great expectations of making Valentine's cards with photos of Madelyn giving kisses. That didn't happen, but here are the shots I took...

And I seriously thought I would have time to make bags of candy and/or cookies to send to college students and friends. That's what happens when I spend too much time at

While I didn't accomplish all of my goals (including dusting the house, although there is still this afternoon during nap time), our family did enjoy the gift of togetherness since Jim had 2 entire days off of work - PAID - yahoo!

I did make a "perfect" chicken pot pie over the weekend...

We got to see the beauty of freshly fallen (drifted) snow...

Elisha enjoyed a delicious Valentine's breakfast of "chip-dee beef gravy" as he calls it, with his Grandma

And we had two good friends over for Valentine's dinner and cookie baking - wish I would have remembered to take some pics (sorry Bekah & Rachel). So,we've had a good time here at the Womacks. How did you celebrate this week?

Monday, February 05, 2007

Open Mouth, Insert...Spoon

After reading Keri's blog and seeing how well Mackinley is doing feeding himself, I was inspired to give Madelyn another chance at it. We had already experimented with the spoon and bowl scenario a week or so ago at my parent's house, but all I remembered was a messy child to clean and the close supervision it required. On the other hand, it was nice to transfer feeding responsibility to her and to be able to eat my dinner at the same time she did. So, here's take 2: I think she's getting the hang of this.