Wednesday, April 30, 2008


We got a call today that Josiah's newborn screen results came back and that he tested positive for galactosemia, a rare genetic disorder that Elisha had as an infant. Actually, I guess he still has it, but his body has outgrown or adapted in some way, so he is now able to drink milk.

This meant that we had to take Josiah up to the hospital so that they could do another newborn screen (read: prick his heel and squeeze the blood out of it onto a card while he screamed for 10 minutes). It should take about a week to get these test results; and during that time, he has to take soy formula and I need to pump to keep my milk supply up in case it turns out the test was wrong.

This news produced a variety of emotions: sadness of wanting to breastfeed and possibly not being able to, especially since this is our last "planned" child; disappointment from thinking things were *fine* since he didn't have severe jaundice (Elisha was rehospitaized for two days due to his high bilirubin levels); frustration from having to wash bottles, boil nipples, and pick up formula; worry that because he can't breastfeed, he will not have a good immune system or optimum brain development or whatever (I realize these are irrational thoughts...well, not the immune system issue - I think that's a researched fact).

So now we are trying to settle in and get reorganized and refocused: physically, mentally and even spiritually. I'm trying to gain perspective and see things from a more eternal viewpoint where it will not matter one bit how Josiah was nourished for the first year of his life.

I was thinking earlier today about things for which I am thankful, and I wanted to post a list. (Keep in mind that I am a practical person.) I am thankful...

*that Elisha only threw up once and it has been almost 24 hours
*that Madelyn did not have a fever this morning; it must have "broke" in the night
*that Jim was home this morning to help monitor and entertain the older two so I could care for Josiah and keep him germ-free
*that Jim was able to take a couple of hours off to go to the hospital with me
*that I have amazing friends like Tasha who was willing to take my kids at a moments' notice (even though she knew they had been ill in the last 24 hours - I'm not sure I would have agreed to that)
*that at least they have a newborn screen to catch potential problems like galactosemia
*that we have a wonderful pediatrician who is double checking this AND whose office gave us free cans of soy formula (that stuff is expensive!)
*that I have a sensitive husband who will let me cry over things like this without making me feel stupid or overly emotional

There are many more things I could add, but I'll stop for now. What are you thankful for?

This is Not Ideal

Elisha threw up last bed...a lot.

Madelyn started running a fever of over 100.

We have an 8 day old baby.

Jim was going back to work all day today.

We may be adjusting our plans for the day.

Monday, April 28, 2008

We're Still Alive

Still alive, but not necessarily awake...

I have photos to post and things to share, but there is a limit to what a person can do with just one hand (the other, of course, is busy holding Josiah). And, when I have 2 hands available, I'm caring for the other family members or trying to catch some sleep.

So, I'll update...someday. No promises, but maybe tomorrow; Jim is taking a half day off work. Yippee!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Photo Link of Josiah

Here is a photo of Josiah from the hospital website.

Why I Am a Fan of Epidurals

Here's the story...

In keeping with Womack baby tradition, Josiah decided to enter the world on his own timetable. After seeing the doctor yesterday, we knew he would come in the next 24 hours but did not anticipate just how soon his birth might be.

We left the doctor's office and decided to run a few errands, thinking the walking and gravity would at least help the process along. After stops at Riverview (to update my mom), Wal-Mart (to purchase a few last minute items, including a watch to time contractions since neither Jim or I have a working watch), and College Church, we headed home.

Jim ate lunch and we kept timing. Contractions were between 6-10 minutes apart, depending on my position: up walking around or sitting or laying. They were, however, getting more intense and could last up to a minute or more. When a couple of contractions got to be 4-5 minutes apart and I was having to really breathe through them, I started to get a bit worried, so Jim called the doctor's office for advice. They said I was in labor and to head to the hospital.

Looking back, it's a bit scary to think what might have happened if we had waited any longer. By the time we got to the hospital (around 3:30), the contractions we about 5 minutes apart, but I could still walk and talk. We checked in and were told that they had just sent 4 girls up to labor and delivery and that another was headed to the hospital by ambulance. I think we took the last room.

They gave me a gown and said that they were assessing patients in the order they arrived, which made sense. So over the next half hour my contractions went from 5 minutes to 3 and a half minutes apart. I started getting worried about not getting the epidural. And while I'm not one for cutting in line or breaking rules in general, I sent Jim out to let the nurse know that things were progressing and that I have a history of fast labors (thus my two *natural* deliveries despite two requests for an epidural).

The nurse was on her way in and got my IV started, drew blood, and checked me: 5 centimeters. By this time (around 4 p.m.) our doula had arrived and things really started moving. They sent the blood work out to get approved for an epidural, I signed the paperwork for an epidural, and they even had the chair ready and called the anesthesiologist. However, my body was on a roll. The contractions got stronger and closer together, I went from 5-9.5 centimeters in a little over an hour, and I was ready to push by about 5:20 or so. Bottom line: no epidural. (ahhhhhh!!!)

I pouted briefly between contractions and considered my options, which at this point were very few. They prepped me to push and I remember telling everyone I couldn't do it and asking if they could just pull the baby out. They were not very accommodating and said the only way for him to come out was for me to push.

Three pushes (and an episiodomy) later, Josiah arrived. Our doctor saw how big he was, estimated that he was around 7.5 pounds and said something like, "We weren't expecting this." We were all surprised that he was a little over 8 pounds (no wonder it hurt!)

In the end, it was all worth it. He's a sweet little guy who (so far) sleeps and wakes up to eat (unless you undress him to give him a bath or take his photograph.) Pictures yet to come - we brought the wrong cord to the hospital and can't download them off of our camera. : )

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

It's a Boy!

Pictures will come tomorrow (sorry!)

Josiah Glenn Womack
8 pounds, 1 ounce (huge!)
21 inches (long!)
5:32 p.m. (fast!)

Other details to follow...

Here We Go!

We're headed to the hospital. Contractions are closer together, longer, and pretty intense. Let's get that epidural!

Sometime Soon

I had a doctor's appointment at 11, and my contractions were around 10 minutes apart. He checked and I am about 4 centimeters dilated and 70% effaced - hooray! Now we are just waiting for the contractions to be 5 minutes apart so we can head up to the hospital. If nothing happens tonight, he said to meet him at the hospital by 7 tomorrow morning, and he will break my water. So it looks like Baby Womack is on the way. More to come...


Not to get anyone's (including my) hopes up, but I have been up since 3. At first I was hungry, but then I started having some contractions which could mean something or nothing from what I hear/read. (I've never gone into labor on my own, so I feel like a first-timer.) Since then I finished packing my hospital bag, took a shower, did some laundry, and tried to rest (not happening).

While they are not regular, some of the contractions have been intense enough that I had to breathe through them, but now they have tapered off a but and are mostly back to more Braxton-Hicks type. So, I'm not sure what to think; but I have a doctor's appointment in 5 hours, so we will see what he says (OUCH! There is another now! Yikes! I'm definitely asking for that epidural *STAT* when I get to the hospital.)

I'll keep you posted!

Monday, April 21, 2008

All Is Well

I called the doctor's office, and the nurse said the ultrasound showed things look fine: good amniotic fluid, good growth, and one more thing that was good; but I forget what it is. My due date is the same, so hopefully we will have a baby arriving in the next 2 weeks!

In that case, I guess I should go wash those burp cloths and baby clothes...

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Note to Self

When my 2 year-old has the following symptoms:

* fever
* waking up crying/screaming in middle of the night
* drooling and pointing to mouth saying it hurts
* clingy, wanting to be held

Don't assume it's the stomach flu (my biggest fear as a mom) and lay down sheets and make her sleep on the floor (on the sheets) and restrict her diet to Cheerios, Kix, and diluted apple juice. Keep an open mind and check for two year molars...teething!

Disclaimer: Madelyn also said her stomach hurt and was seeming to gag when she was drooling, so I think our assumption was somewhat understandable. But when Jim brushed her teeth last night and found the point of a tooth erupting I did feel a little silly and bad for our missing the signs.

Due to a *sick* child all day Friday, I forgot to call the doctor back to check on the ultrasound results. I'm sure things are fine or they would have called and told me something. However, I will probably still call and check in Monday since I wouldn't want to wait an extra day until my actual appointment on Tuesday.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Jaena Update

I celebrated my birthday yesterday with a friend and her 3 girls. Poor Elisha was totally outnumbered by women since the guys were working late. Everyone enjoyed pizza, cake and ice cream; and I especially was thankful to get to talk and hang out with a good friend and fill some of my extrovert needs.

This is today at a little over 37 weeks (and 37 years old - wow!)
I went to the doctor today and he said I'm measuring small,
which has happened with all of my pregnancies, but usually
earlier than this, if I remember correctly. I'm scheduled for an
ultrasound Thursday just to check things out. I'm not worried,
I think I just have small babies. Oh, and I asked him about me
having a 8-9 pound baby...he seemed to think that isn't going to happen. :)

Jim Update

April 2 marked a milestone birthday for Jim: the big 3-0. We celebrated early (the Sunday before) with a surprise party with friends and then afterwards (the Saturday after) with dinner at my parents. So, it pretty much turned into a birth-week with food, fun, cards, presents, and special memories scattered throughout. I should mention that the wet spot on Jim's jeans on the third photo is compliments of Madelyn leaking through her diaper while sitting on his lap. He was kind of grossed out and wanted to change, but we were at my parents, so what can you do?

Elisha Update

Elisha is into All Things Superhero, soccer and socializing. He started Upwards Soccer a couple of weeks ago and looks forward to both practices and games. He is finishing up swim lessons at IWU but informed me that he already knows how to swim (even though he refuses to put his head in the water, which would seem to be a prerequisite for swimming). Elisha also is a fantastic big brother (usually) playing well with Madelyn and looking forward to the new baby whom, he has recently decided, he hopes will be a boy so that they can do things together.

Madelyn Update

Madelyn is growing up. She's not getting much bigger, mind you; she's just seeming older. The things she says ("Mommy, are you a baby...a big girl...or a mommy?") and does (challenging authority as well as her big brother) are constant reminders that she is not our baby anymore. I have a feeling that she may test that fact in the next few months.

Friday, April 11, 2008

What a Journey

This blog is the story of Audrey Caroline, baby daughter of Todd and Angie Smith of the group Selah. It is an amazing testimony to God's peace and presence, but you may need a box of tissues, especially if you are pregnant. :)

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

What Do You Think?

Is it "babysitting" when the dad is watching the baby?

My *strong* opinion: NO! It's being a dad.