Sunday, August 19, 2007

My Favorite Kids...Again

It has been eons...a whole month - wow! I haven't felt like blogging lately, so I have kept up somewhat with reading but took a break (obviously) from writing and posting photos. Here are several shots to make up for lost time. I really was tired of seeing that 80's pic, and I'm sure you were too!

Summer photos in chronological order...

Madelyn is growing up.

Fourth of July

Elisha's sparklers experience - he was really intent.

Jim and Elisha's not-so-amazing idea to cover his bed with a castle/city thingy that stayed set up for a week or two, leaving Elisha with no bed in which to sleep. He did not mind sleeping on the floor (on a folded up comforter), but I felt like we were negligent parents when we tucked him in each night.

Hanging out together during "rest time" (read: watching a video)

One Sunday morning before church I looked over to see both of he kids "reading" their Bibles. It was definitely a Kodak moment.

Elisha discovered what happens when you put your finger in a train track. It was seriously stuck: we had to use vaseline, soap and cold water to help wriggle it free.

Yet another photo of "rest time" - we do alot of that some days.

Although Elisha's face does not reflect his mood, he was very excited to attend a celebration at our public library for completing the summer reading program. He received a certificate, and free book, some fun toys and got to help eat a huge ice cream sundae.

Elisha's first preschool project: the face of Petal, the rabbit doll from the book Wemberly Worried.