Saturday, April 22, 2006

A New Friend

Nate, Julie, Emily, and "Nano" Lamb came over for dinner Thursday night. Elisha and Emily discovered a new friendship as they ate together, played outside, and had fun with playdough.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Baby & Brother Bonding

Although the transition to big brother has came fairly easily to Elisha,
it's fun to see him discovering more opportunities to interact with
Madelyn. This week, he has become her "Activities Director,"
entertaining her in various ways. I think it helps that she now
notices him and rewards him with smiles and movement.

I have a friend who sometimes pays her older daughter
to play with or entertain her younger one.
Now I can see why...I'm saving up our change!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Time for a Check Up

Elisha's cousin, Sophia, came over for a couple of hours today. After playing trains, trucks, and a short-lived game of "Don't Spill the Beans," Sophia discovered the medical bag. "Let's play doctor" she said. Elisha readily agreed to be the patient, and the examination began...
First the heart...

Then, open wide...
(She resourcefully grabbed the dinosaur flashlight to check his throat.)

Now we trade...

Elisha always checks the ears.
Since he has had numerous ear infections,
he often discovers that his patients have one too.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Wonder Pets Link

Here's your chance to see wonder pets for yourself.

Wonder Pets

For all of you who are part of the "outside world" and who may not get the opporunity to keep up on the latest and greatest preschool shows, let me introduce you to my new favorite, "Wonder Pets." The preschool show features three pet friends who work together to help animals in trouble, while singing opera-like songs. Sounds a bit silly, but it's actually quite entertaining! Perhaps the best part is that each episode encourages teamwork and the role each person can play in the adventure...a good reminder for us all, regardless of our age. It's worth checking out if you get a chance...I love it!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Three Month Maddie

Just a quick update on Madelyn...three months old...going on 11 pounds...over 21 inches long. People who see her for the first time usually say something like "She's so tiny!" while Jim and I are thinking, "She's getting so big!" I guess like many things, size is relative. But, as you can see from the above pictures, she is healthy and happy (usually), so we are grateful.

Monday, April 10, 2006


I decided over the weekend that I am a hypocritical blogger. I regularly check blogs for new posts: hoping for something new every day, expecting new material at least once a week. I note the date and track the number of days that have passed with no new pictures or entries...

Then I realized that the last post on out blog had been weeks ago. I have photos stored in our digital camera that need only to be downloaded and posted. So, I have decided to repent and to strive to apply the golden rule of blogging: to blog as I want others to blog. Beginning tomorow...

Martha versus Motherhood

It's no secret that I like Martha Stewart.
My brother bought me a subscription to two of her magazines:
Martha Stewart Living and Everyday Food.
I watch her television program when possible
(meaning when I am somewhere that has satellite or cable.)
On occasion, I even attempt some of the projects she does.

But, I am pleased - no proud - to say that only one
of the above projects is from Martha Stewart.
The other is one I created on my very own.
(At least I think I did..I can't ever remember
learning it from anywhere or anyone...
unless I forgot and stored the idea in my subconscious.)
There goes that overactive conscience, Robin!

So, which do you think it is? Who created what?