Sunday, December 07, 2008

Did Someone Mention Christmas Photos?

My parents and brother with our family

Which do you like best?
Just for fun - no cards this year.


I'm still here...just taking a break for a bit (OK, several weeks). Our family has gone through a ton of transition these past few months, but it looks like things are calming down and we are settling into a bit of routine. So, here are a few photos from the summer and fall that never got posted, as well as a quick update on each member of the Womack household.

Jim is doing really well. He went to the doctor in October and was released for a year. He is still taking a couple of meds but has not had any other episodes, for which we are grateful. Jim resigned from IWU in September and is now working at the Gas City Starbucks. He is also considering returning to school to get his master's degree. He stays home with the kids when he is not working and was back to running fairly regularly before all of the snow and ice dropped in.

I am working at Frances Slocum Elementary School as an Academic Specialist weekdays from 9:15-3:15. Although I feel a little sad about leaving our kids, I am enjoying the position (especially since they let me reorganize the book room!) I have been training to walk in the Indianapolis mini-marathon and have spent my "free time" creating some cool homemade Christmas presents (maybe I will post pics of them later).

Elisha (almost 6) started Kindergarten in September and has been enjoying new friends and learning to read. He loves attending ClubSplash, our midweek children's program at CWC, where he participates in the cooking and encouragement classes. He also like to work with Legos and is still drawing up a storm, going through what seems like reams of paper every year.

Madelyn (almost 3) is a sweetie who keeps us entertained with her antics (as seen below). She loves her brothers and spends time playing with dolls, play dough and books. Recently, after Elisha spent a day with his grandparents, she remarked on the way to go get him, "I hope I get to see Elisha" and then said at dinner, "I missed you, Elisha." I'm hoping she remembers these feelings of love the next time he teases her.

Josiah (7 months) is our calm, easy-going third child. We are so thankful for his disposition. He is a hefty 21 pounds and is already wearing 12 month clohtes and size 4 diaper (the same size as Madelyn, actually.) He is practicing sitting up and can get around really well with his army crawl.