Monday, June 25, 2007

Yep, More Pics

At least I am posting...even if it is more photos of our children (I guess this time it's just Madelyn). I was telling someone recently, I do have deep thoughts and ideas about which I could blog; but I often don't want to take the time and energy to type them out, proof them, and go to all of the trouble to create a thought-provoking or humorous post. I'm telling you - I'm a lazy blogger right now. But to all of you who continue to post new and exciting things every week, I enjoy reading them and aspire to (some day) do so too.

This is Madelyn doing what it seems she does much of her time awake: eat (Cheerios, specifically).

This is a photo of Madelyn possibly realizing she has dropped one of her precious Cheerios on the floor. (That or she just wasn't looking at the camera).

This is Madelyn when she realizes her bowl is empty and she is getting ready to scream and/or cry. Oh, and just for the record, that is Elisha's tank top, not a dress. I put it on her one night because I thought she would look cute in it. She did!

She's so little I can still get away with putting her in the Pack-N-Play sometimes.

See that grin - she looks so innocent, but even today I found her trying to stand on something to climb into the tub and standing on a toy to get out of the Pack-N-Play. Looks like her days of confinement may soon be over.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

My Favorite Boy

Elisha at Gas City Park

When we take Elisha's shirt off, it sometimes "sticks" temporarily.
I have always thought it looked like a nun's habit.
Now that I have a photo, what do you think?

The infamous llama at the Gas City Zoo (no sneezing incident this year).

Grandpa Jerry and the kids

Mother's Day Memory
(OK, my kids totally look like Jim!)

Daddy's Girl