Thursday, August 28, 2008

"It has a TV!"

After much time spent searching the internet, visiting car lots, and praying for wisdom, the Womack family became the proud owners of a van. Despite its many practical features - more space, stow and go seats, better gas mileage, to name a few - the title of this post shows the only thing our children care about (and what Madelyn tells everyone).

This is a 2005 Chrysler Town and Country Limited with every feature imaginable (and some I actually had not imagined). I would share more about its amenities, but I feel guilty about a few of them (seat warmers!), so I am not yet ready for full disclosure.

We are very excited and also a little nervous to have invested so much in a means of transportation. I do not have buyer's remorse, but I do feel slightly sick to my stomach when I think that of all of the money we saved is gone. Well, I guess it has actually just transitioned into a new asset, right? And that is what we saved I should be happy. I guess I have saving issues (or maybe just issues in general).

The above photo is not specifically of *our car* but it is the same color and make and model from what I could tell.

Thanks for all of the recommendations. If we were richer, we would have probably leaned towards the Honda or Toyota (I have a 1987 Camry that has over 170,000 miles on it); but with our budgeted amount, the ones we would have considered were out of our price range.

On a related note: we are selling our pop up camper (1994 Coleman Key West) for $3000 if anyone is interested. :)

Thursday, August 21, 2008


We sold our Explorer! It's bittersweet because I love that vehicle, but I have to admit that with 3 kids in car seats, I am looking forward to more room (and the ability to seat the kids so they cannot touch each other.)

So, I'm looking for recommendations for vans. We have saved some money and will be looking around this weekend with the hopes of finding something...soon.

Any words or wisdom? What to buy or what NOT to buy?