Monday, May 26, 2008


Before I had young children, I used to wonder how kids cut their hair, colored on walls, or generally got into things. I mean, what were their parents doing while they went around unsupervised?

Now that I'm older and wiser (and hopefully more humble), I get it. Last week Elisha colored on Madelyn with markers (notice her face, shirt and hands). My children have also been known to unroll the toilet paper (classic) and pull tissues out of the box (also classic), cut small holes in shirts, color on our bedroom carpet, play in the toilet, and team up with a cousin to use markers to decorate the walls, floor, couch, table and carpet of my cousin's band new camper.

Did I mention I am more humble now? And less judgmental too.


Elisha and Elijah were born 10 days apart and have been good friends since they were young. Now that the Bonds live in New York we see them a little less often, but the boys just pick up where they left off. Come to think of it, the moms and dads do too!


Elisha set the table when the Wuertleys (or more accurately, the Wuertleys minus Jason) came for dinner a couple of weeks ago. He told me that he did the silverware "like a restaurant." Oh, and the Bible story book (you press a button and it plays a song) in the center of the table was so that we could have music during dinner.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

For Char: Daddy and Josiah

Just a couple of photos of the cute!

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Thanks for all of your comments and positives regarding bottle feeding. It's interesting because despite all of the conveniences and reasons to embrace it, I find myself grieving what I cannot have with Josiah. I think it feels like even more of a loss because I know what I'm missing (with Elisha I knew nothing different) and what I'm "in for" with bottles, formula, and spit up smell.

I am learning that, no matter what the issue, loss is loss. It is healthy - even necessary - for a person to grieve: whether it be an unrealized expectation (nursing your newborn), a failed relationship, or some other loss.

I have also realized that in many situations, given time, my perspective can change. Events that at first might seem negative can eventually be seen as a blessing.

We have found this to be true with job transitions. Hurt, fear and anger give way to peace, hope and joy as God reveals a new place of ministry or work.


I think of of my recent labor experience. Intense pain that threatens to overwhelm but instead produces new life: sweet, warm, and precious.


God reminds me that that my 2 children have this and not this like this dear family recently discovered.


I hold my tiny newborn in my arms and breathe a prayer of thanks as this young woman mourns the baby she barely knew.


Jenni, gifted writer and mother of 12(!) shared her reformed perspective about newborns in this amazing post that - surprise! - made me cry (those silly hormones) and I thank God for the privilege of holding a baby again and knowing the miracle of life.

And once again, my perspective changes and I realize that being a mom (bottles and all) is a great place to be.

Friday, May 09, 2008

He's a Soy Boy

I could tell by the tone of the nurse's voice that she did not have good news. Josiah does have "Dg" and will need to continue on soy formula. It's a relief to know but pretty disappointing, maybe more so since I was hopeful (or in denial) that he was only a carrier.

At least we know, and I will be able to slowly stop pumping, which will be nice. I'm creating a list of the positives of bottle feeding; feel free to leave a comment with your own "pro" (no "cons," please or I'll cry...more).

Bottle feeding is nice because...
*Jim can share feeding responsibility (especially at nighttime!)
*We can leave Josiah and go out for a long date without worrying about time.
*No one stares at you when you feed your baby (although it didn't bother me to nurse discreetly in public).

I'm sure there are more; I'll update later.


My friend, Shannon, captured these moments about 48 hours before Josiah was born. Glad we didn't wait any longer for the photo shoot! Yep, she is pretty amazing.

These area about our only photos of me expecting - with any of our children - because I always feel like a whale and do not like getting my picture taken while feeling whale-like, you know?

Wednesday, May 07, 2008


The blood draw went well; it actually took less time than pricking his foot and squeezing drops of blood out to fill in all of the circles on the newborn screen card.

The nurse from Riley called, and it sounds like I was right about the possibility of Josiah being a carrier and not necessarily having Duarte galactosemia. She said this test will tell how much of the enzyme his body is producing. If it is over a ten (not sure if that is a percent or based on some other set scale), he will be able to nurse.

She also said that we should know by the end of the week or possibly Monday. With Elisha we had to wait 2 weeks because they only did the test about once a week; but now they run the test almost daily, so we will get results much sooner. Hooray!

One way or the other, at least we will know soon...not that I struggle with patience or anything.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The Call

The nurse just called to say that we will need to take Josiah up to the hospital tomorrow for a blood draw. This will be sent to a Children's Hospital in California to determine the levels of enzyme Josiah's body has (I think).

She also contacted a metabolic nurse from Riley who will be calling us tomorrow to answer any questions we have (and I do have a few). I have been doing some research online and discovered that there are several possible scenarios for a person that is diagnosed with galactosemia. Some individual's have enough of the GALT enzyme in their body that they do not have diet restrictions. At this point, we are hoping and praying that this is the case with Josiah. It might also explain why he did not have severe jaundice.

This is just a theory so far, but we should know more tomorrow after we talk to the nurse. We'll keep you "posted" (get it - posted on the blog...posted). :D

Friday, May 02, 2008

Just for the Record

This post is for my brother who asked me if a person's stomach just shrinks back down after the baby comes out. "" Not that I'm complaining about my stomach. I mean, losing 8 POUNDS OF BABY has definitely been to my advantage this time around.

I did, however, wanted to post documentation that I do, indeed, still look 4-5 months pregnant. No worries, though. Nursing seems to help the pounds melt right off (and for me by nursing I mean pumping 7-8 times a day - same thing, right?)

1 week postpartum
18 weeks

22 weeks

What Really Matters

First "bath" at home

Chillin' in the boucy seat

Sleepin' in the car seat

Hangin' out with mom on the floor

Family and Friends

Great-Grandma Millie

Great-Grandpa Bowman, his namesake: Glenn Harold Bowman

Miss Ronda getting her "baby fix"

Big brother and big sister

Coming Home

Josiah shares his feelings regarding his travel arrangements

A "Welcome Home" kiss

Josiah was thoughtful enough to buy each of his siblings a gift:
baby doll diapers and bibs for Madelyn and Lightning McQueen for Elisha