Friday, March 17, 2006

Nonverbal Communication

You don't have to be around a baby for long to discover that
an expression can definitely make up for a lack of verbal skills.
For instance, Madelyn's thoughts on bathtime:

"Now this is the life...sleeping...dreaming..."

"Is it just me or are my clothes disappearing?
Not now, I was just entering REM."

"Alright, I'm awake. Someone had better
have a good reason for waking me up!"

"What's this? Mom is rubbing my head...I could get use to this."

"I'm not sure it was worth it, but at least I'm clean for now."

Sunday, March 05, 2006

And Baby Makes Four

Someone requested pictures of Jim and me; but since we don't have any of the entire family together, these will have to do. As soon as Madelyn is released from "house arrest," we will probably use our Sears Smile Savers card and get a predictable, cheesy, yet cheap, family photo done. Then, when our friend ( and professional photographer) Gia comes this summer, we can get some really cool candid shots. By the way, if the photo of Jim and Madelyn is not here for long, it's because he doesn't know I took it, let alone put it on our blog.

The Mess

As my friend Andrea says, "When things get quiet, I start to get nervous..." Elisha had been playing in his "new room" for a while, when he came to the kitchen to announce, "I made a mess in my new room." I followed him to see what he meant, expecting to find all of his toys dumped on the floor. Instead, I found this:
The floor was covered with tiny foam shapes that we had used for a craft at a camp last summer. Now that's a real mess!

Blogging is helping me become a more patient mom. Rather than get upset, I thought of the potential for a new post and quickly grabbed the camera so I could record the event. (Elisha then had to spend the next half hour cleaning it up.)