Wednesday, March 06, 2013


I think it's hard for me to write about this fast because sometimes it doesn't seem like much is changing.

Hopefully, there are incremental changes in me that are just difficult to track day by day. But some days I wonder.

I know I need to focus on the fast. Lent. Sacrifice.

But I find myself anticipating when it will be over. I am realizing how much food goes along with gathering together and friendships and celebration.

I want to go out to eat with a friend. Grab coffee and chat. Get ice cream with my kids. Even go over to  a friend's house and be able to snack and eat with them.

It's interesting that when I am eating rice and beans I am grateful. I even enjoy them - the taste, the simplicity.

It's when I'm not eating that I'm discontent. I want something more. Something different.

Contentment isn't truly contentment unless you experience it all the time, is it?

What is robbing me of contentment?

What is robbing you?

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Katrina Bratcher said...

Keep your head up friend. You're doing great.

What's robbing me of my contentment? Working towards some big dreams, but I never feel like I'm making ground with any of them. In the meantime I just feel stuck.